Women's Wilderness Quests

We begin in a circle of women, then walk into the wilderness in solitude to access our deep knowing. We return to the circle of women with our stories as gifts to the world.

Listening deeply within and around, we begin to hear what we need to most know in our lives now. Sharing with other women, we hear our stories in the words of others and find healing and hope. Held by forest, streams, birdsong at dawn, and night sky, we find comfort, love, and connection. Challenged by the elements, we find courage and humility. The land and all that live there offers guidance and serves as a mirror to the landscape of our soul. When we are still enough, quiet enough, we can hear what we have come to hear, see what has been invisible to us, taste truth, and breathe joy.

The Program:

Women's Wilderness Quests are open to women aged 21 years and older.

Preparation will be done in advance through individual coaching and nature-based tasks offered by the guides. When we gather in September, we will spend the first two days together in base camp and then women will go out on a 2-day solo. The last day and a half we will return to base camp to listen to the stories from the solo time and talk about how to live those stories when we return to home, work, and community.

Participants provide their own food and 4 gallons of water. Cookstove and some cooking utensils are provided.  his is a water-based (lake paddling) program and participants will provide their own or rented kayak or canoe.  Equipment lists and boat rental information will be provided with registration materials. 

  • Guides: Fran Weinbaum, Jen Boucher 
  • Group Size: 8 maximum (6 needed)
  • Program Fee: Sliding scale from $650 - $1050 (covers camping registration, basecamp amenities, and guide expenses)
  • Registration Fee: $150 (non-refundable)

For questions or to register, please contact us.

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