Community Created Ceremony & Rites of Passage

Vermont Wilderness Rites’ Community Consultation invites communities to create ceremonies that mirror the land, the people, the context, and the larger currents in the world.

We are living in time of great upheaval.  Within that is great opportunity to create and strengthen traditions and practices based on shared values that establish and enhance a regenerative culture in the place you call home.  Community ceremony, particularly rites of passage, rises up out of a people and the land they live on.  Held by people who have prepared to guide others through life’s transitions, it takes time and intention to build and is not something that can be superimposed or appropriated.   This process of becoming is both individual and communal.  It often begins with one audacious idea, a dream seed that needs the fertile ground of a community who dares to say "Yes!"

Vermont Wilderness Rites' Community Consultation is adapted to suit your unique group and community vision and readiness.  Areas that we offer consultation, training, and facilitation include:

  • Visioning:  The Seed and The Fertile Ground
  • Foundations of Community Created and Held Ceremony
  • Rites of Passage -Developmental Considerations for Youth, Adults, and Elders
  • Community-wide Celebrations of the Seasons
  • Community Roles in Ceremony and Rite of Passage
  • Guide Preparation, Training, and Mentoring
  • Safety and Risk Management Considerations

Guides, Venues and Fees:

Vermont Wilderness Rites has guides experienced in each of the program areas listed above. After an initial conversation with Lead Guide, Fran Weinbaum, guides who can best support your vision and goals will be matched with your community.  Consultation and training can be provided virtually or in person depending on location and focus.  Fees will vary depending on the nature and scope of the services requested, from a one-day workshop to a series of sessions to a yearlong process that incorporates all of the components of creating community rites. 

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