Central Vermont Community Quests

Central Vermont Community Quests, including a solo fast, are created and guided for and by others in the community.

The Central Vermont Community Quest, including a solo fast, is created and guided for and by others in the community. Our vision is a web of people who are committed:

  • to their own spiritual growth and development including bringing their gifts to the community;
  • to the spiritual growth and development of the growing Circle of those who are have quested;
  • to creating and offering the ceremony for women who come in the future;
  • to the care of the land on which we all live.

There is a requested donation to help cover expenses. Guides are not compensated for their time in any aspect of offering the quest.

a nest with eggs
A nest with eggs

Adults join the Circle by invitation from someone who has quested in the group. The Circle is called each year in the fall. Preparation begins in January, the solo fast is in early spring. Each Quest culminates with a Return Ceremony held by those who have quested before in the Community Circle, community Elders, family, and friends.

Contacts for information:

  • Kelly O'Hearn - sproutress@gmail.com
  • Cara Barbero - whitepinebasket@gmail.com
  • Jason Mallery - jasonmallery@gmail.com

To learn more about the guides for the Central Vermont Community Quests, please click here.

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