Rooted Action

Rooted Action in Turbulent Times is a 2-day retreat that invites activists to connect to our own capacity to heal and renew in the face of the work we do.

We are living in turbulent times. Everything we understood and have known as true is changing rapidly. How do we hold center in the face of such turmoil and despair? How do we decide where and how to take a stand? How do we renew to continue and sustain the collective effort?

a nest with eggs
A nest with eggs

Rooted Action is a 2-day retreat that invites seasoned and aspiring activists to connect to our own capacity to heal and renew in the face of the work we do, be it in service to climate justice, social justice, peace, community mobilization, or wherever you stand on the front line of needed protection, healing, and change. This work teaches us how to stay rooted – in our bodies, in our aspirations for social transformation, in our communities, and, ultimately, in our relation to the living Earth.

Employing an eco-psychological model of wholeness, we identify and learn to navigate common pitfalls of activism – despair, isolation, unrelenting anger, joylessness, that can sabotage our best intentions and efforts. Renewed by Earth herself, we will practices ways to sustain our work and the collective endeavor. With Nature as our mirror, we will explore authentic place-based practices that offer integrated ways to re-member self, culture, and community in service of Earth.

Rooted Action is for:

  • those new to the path of activism, be it Earth stewardship or social justice, who are seeking meaningful ways to integrate activism into their lives.
  • leaders who are seeking renewal in their hard work of trying to create sustainable action for justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  • the weathered, discouraged, and hardened in need of renewal and re-souling.

The Program:   

We will meet at Green River Reservoir in Hyde Park, Vermont. All tent camping sites at Green River State Park are water access only with established fire rings and composting latrines. Participants bring their own food and drinking water. A camp kitchen is provided for participant use. (Note: depending on global health recommendations, participants may be asked to bring their own cook stove, pots, and cooler.) Kayaks and canoes are available for rent nearby, or participants can bring their own. A full equipment list is sent to participants upon registration.

We will set up base camp at the water’s edge, serenaded by loons, owls, and coyotes. Each day will include solo time in the forest or paddling on the water, Council sharing, and group discussion. We will listen to dreams, lessons from the land, and each other’s stories to gain insight and direction for our work as activists. Participants will arrive Friday afternoon and depart Sunday afternoon. 

  • Group Size:  9 maximum (6 needed)
  • Guides: cara barbero, Hannah Morgan, Erick Gilliard 

For questions or to register, please contact us.

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