Vermont Wilderness Rites
Vermont Wilderness Rites
Vermont Wilderness Rites Be Still. Listen. What in your life is calling you?
Vermont Wilderness Rites Be Still.       Listen.       What in your life is calling you?

The Embrace of Nature  

We hope to offer The Embrace of Nature again in 2021.

Individual and small group experiences can be created on request. 



In these unprecedented times of “social distancing,” we have become acutely, even painfully aware, of our physical need to hold and be held. The everyday hug. The compassionate touch. The comforting embrace. The playful cuddle. The gentle squeeze of hands. The intimate caress. We are alone and lonely, longing for a closeness that we are denied by circumstances beyond our control. Even if we share our homes with others, the need for connection seems much larger than what any of us can hold.


One constant is the Natural world. Birds return and build nests, flowers bloom, tree buds begin to leaf out. The sun rises and sets. The weather, like always, is fickle. If anything, the natural order is finding new spaciousness as the din of our busy world is muffled. The constancy of nature offers comfort and solace, a place to bring our fears, grief, and concerns.  A place to be held. 


The Embrace of Nature is an invitation to develop a reciprocal relationship with the natural world in which we can learn through the mirror of nature how to be held and how to hold in nurturing, comforting, and generative ways. 


The Program


We will gather by ZOOM for two sessions to explore The Embrace of Nature through brief presentations, discussion, and personal sharing. Between sessions, participants will be invited to take walks to explore their relationship with the natural world as a source of comfort, inspiration, and renewal. Individual follow-up conversations will be available to each participant with individual guides within one month of the program.


Program Facilitor:  Fran Weinbaum


Fee:  Sliding Fee Scale $60 - $115


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Selections from Portraits of Nature by Corinna Stoeffl


Soaring and Leaping Ecstasy are by Jeannie Lindheim


Lady of the Land and Women in Leadership logo drawn for Vermont Wilderness Rites by Sara Grace. 


The Mirror of Nature watermark photograph by Tomasen Weinbaum.


Photographs shown in the Gallery from the October 2012 quest on Green River Reservoir by Arthur Hynes