Comments from people who have participated in a wilderness rite of passage with Vermont Wilderness Rites:



Going on a quest was a bit of a gamble for me. Up until a few months before joining Fran and Nils I knew nothing about questing, or indeed about so many relevant things like soul initiations, inner dream work, or sacred ceremonies. I was in the midst of moving my family to the other side of Toronto and with two children aged 3 and 5, I had my hands full. I certainly did not fully appreciate what a 4 day solo fast meant. 


And yet, something in me said I needed to do this. Even as I was thinking 'I can't do this', I kept putting one foot in front of the other, and in the end I did it.


Fortunately for me, I found the right people with whom to take that gamble,  and I found so much support and guidance with Fran and Nils and my group. With that support, I was able to work through fears,and while I had made some significant life changes before the quest, during my time in the stillness I found new strength and resolve to continue forging my new path. When I listen to the loon calls I am taken back. I feel so grateful to have had this experience. Thank you!


Karen Loch, Toronto, Canada


Fran brings a loving intensity to her vision guidance. I continue to feel the container she put together over a year ago that allowed my fellow questers and I to experience a delicate balance of safety and wild wonder. Fran embodies the Spirit that beckons us to discover the lost secrets of self-nurture and healing. I am deeply gratified that Fran is in my life.

Mark Rowell
Bike Recycle Vermont, Project Manager

I’ve had the good fortune of being both a participant in one of Fran’s Vision Fasts and at another time apprenticed with her – both times in Vermont. There is no one I would trust more than Fran to design and structure a Vision Fast that allows one to explore the reconciliation of the heart, soul, and mind. Few know how to ask the deepening questions, and few have the courage to design an experience where those questions are asked and received with such relief and encouragement.

Fran’s focus, much as Rumi's, is the integration of the inner and the outer worlds through the venue of an enriching Vision Fast experience. You will not leave this emersion into the natural world without the reawakening of your soul.

Guy Payne
Sr Partner
VT Consulting Company

I have spent four days in the woods alone before and have experienced a deep sense of peace, but with Fran's guidance I was able to go deeper without fear and to make contact with that which needed healing. The vision fast I did with Fran lifted me out of a 10-month depression. Fran is a strong and capable guide who inspires trust and faith as well as a tender, loving, and supportive mid-wife to whatever needs birthing. I wish that everyone who is struggling through a life transition could participate in one of Fran's Vision Fasts.


Annie O'Shaughnessy

Soul Flares




Endorsements from participants in Women in Transition Life Coaching


The ability to share my story and hear the strength of other women really gives me inspiration.”


“Being with women in ways that create opportunity for personal growth, reflection and insight is so fulfilling.”


“Our meetings have been a strong catalyst for inspiration and change in my life.”



[Fran is} truly a wise woman in the traditional meaning of the word. [Her] many years of experience are so evident.”